The Chinese version of the Chinese-British co-production documentary China’s Treasure landed on CCTV

The Chinese version of the Chinese-British co-production documentary “China’s Treasure” landed on CCTV
On January 8th, the reporter was informed that the Chinese version of “China’s Treasures” will be broadcast on CCTV-9 at 8pm from January 10th, presenting the audience with a traditional and modern China.Poster of “Treasures of China”.The picture comes from the online documentary “China’s Treasure” produced by the Central Television Station Television Film and Television Documentary Film Center. CCTV Records International Media co-produces and cooperates with BBC World News Channel (BBC World News), British Mustang Production Company (Mustang) Films)) production.The Sino-British co-production team lasted one year, traveled more than 7,000 kilometers, traveled through 8 Chinese cities, photographed 8 museums, 5 world cultural heritage, and more than 20 top cultural relics.The documentary attempts to capture repercussions from the modern life of the Chinese, looking for the modern inheritance of ancient civilizations.”Treasures of China” consists of six episodes, each 25 minutes, presenting multiple aspects of modern Chinese life, namely family, art, metropolis, manufacturing, technology and food.The program invites the famous British host Alastair?Alastair Sooke enters the audience to embark on a treasure hunt in a museum. During this journey, he feels China’s long history and vast territory, meets Chinese from all walks of life, and listens to their stories. The English version of “China’s Treasures” has been premiered on the BBC World News Channel in October 2019 for the world’s premiere, and is the number 4 in more than 200 countries and regions of the BBC.6.5 billion households present stories of China’s top cultural relics.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei editor Tong Na proofreading Liu Jun