Actor Li Meng died at the age of 87, playing Xiuying in The Party’s Daughter

Actor Li Meng died at the age of 87, playing “Xiuying” in “The Party’s Daughter”
On December 23, Sauna and Yewang learned from director Jiang Ping that the movie “Daughter of the Party” played “Xiuying” and long shadow old artist Li Meng died in Shanghai on December 17 at the age of 87.It is reported that Li Meng was very low-key during his lifetime. After retiring from Changying, he settled in Shanghai and lived a quiet life in his later years.In the film “Daughter of the Party”, Li Meng plays Xiuying (pictured right).Nanjing University of the Arts Oral History Research Center specially recruited Yu Yongxiang to the sauna, and Yenet reappeared, “Ms. Li Meng’s Alzheimer’s syndrome in his later years, when he was more severe in the late stage, he almost knew no acquaintances or even relatives, and he also lost reading ability, But always keep an eye on the dynamics in the WeChat group of the long shadow actor troupe, designate and instruct her son to enter the group, and read the placement and information of everyone in the group for her every day.According to her son, many mothers smile when they hear something interesting, but I do n’t know if she understands the content.”Li Meng plays Li Fenglian in the movie” Thousands of Waters “.Li Meng, formerly known as Li Fen, was born in Shanghai in 1932. He graduated from Wuxi Jiangnan University and studied vocal music and dance.In 1951, he was invited to shoot the film “Sisters and Sisters Stand Up” at Shanghai Wenhua Film Company, playing the heroine Daxiang. For the first time, she walked on the screen and left a deep impression on the audience.In 1953, he joined the Beijing Film Actors Troupe as an actor, and in 1955, he was transferred to Changchun Film Studio as an actor.He has filmed “The Story of Summer” (1955), “Mali Lankai” (1956), “Daughter of the Party” (1958), “Thousands of Waters” (1959), “Big and Small” (1983),Films such as “No. 5 Garden Street” (1984).Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school sent a picture to Wu Xing Yu Yu