[Ginger Brown Sugar]_Ginger Brown Sugar_Action_Benefits

[Ginger Brown Sugar]_Ginger Brown Sugar_Action_Benefits

There are many effects of ginger brown sugar, especially for those who have chills and fever after facing cold or cold. If you drink ginger brown sugar water at this time, it can have a good therapeutic effect, and it also has a tonic effectSpleen-warming stomach effect.

1. Ginger brown sugar water is suitable for people with cold or cold after a cold or rain, fever, cold, cold, fever, headache and nasal congestion. Ginger sugar water is commonly used in folks.

The specific method is: use a large slice of ginger or shredded fried water, add some brown sugar (white sugar also), take it under heat.

For patients with a mild cold or strong constitution, they can often be cured.

This method is most commonly used to prevent colds and colds. For example, if you are traveling for a long time on a cold night, you will be rescued by falling into the water, and you will drink a bowl of ginger brown sugar water immediately when you are exposed to rain.

After serving, it is best to sleep on the bed and cover to get sweaty to avoid wind and cold.

Second, in addition to wind, cold and fever, typhoid headache, nasal congestion, cough and asthma, stop vomiting, remove phlegm and gas, edema and bloating, appetizing spleen and ginger, warm and spicy, contain oily volatiles such as gingerol and gingerol,Vitamins, gingerol, resin, starch, fiber, and a small amount of minerals.

Enhance blood circulation, stimulate gastric juice secretion, stimulate metabolism, promote digestion, strengthen stomach and increase appetite.

Modern medicine also believes that ginger has the effect of lowering blood, lowering plasma, eliminating free radicals, and anti-aging.

Third, Buzhong Yiqi, spleen and stomach, warm stomach brown sugar is the so-called refined crude sugar, which retains supplemental vitamins and minerals.

It is not only suitable for women, but also suitable for the elderly. It is especially suitable for people who are frail and recover from serious illness.

It is a common and practical brown sugar health drink in the early days; brown sugar can also break down the effect of detoxification and beauty. Drinking brown sugar water has a very good maintenance effect on the skin.

Fourth, other effects brown sugar plus longan, ginger juice co-boiled, has the effect of nourishing the blood; cooked with sweet potatoes, brown sugar, ginger juice, and has a health effect is a unique flavor of dessert.