Avalanche in the Austrian Alps, 2 people killed, more than 10,000 tourists stranded

Avalanche in the Austrian Alps, 2 people killed, 武汉夜生活网 more than 10,000 tourists stranded

Xinhua News Agency, Vienna, January 6th. It is reported that local media reported on the 6th that avalanches occurred in the Austrian Alps in the past two days, killing two skiers.

In fact, heavy snow covered the traffic twice, leaving more than 10,000 tourists stranded at the local resort.

  According to reports, since the morning of the 5th local time, heavy snowfall in the northern Alps has exceeded half a meter.

Heavy snow has crushed trees, a series of roads, and avalanches have occurred frequently.

  Replacement of a young German male skier in two avalanches in the mountains of the Voorberg state in Austria.

At the time they were fully equipped and wearing inflatable protective vests that helped float on the surface of the snow during avalanches.

  In addition, a Swiss woman accidentally slipped off a snowy slope and fell from a steep slope during a turn during a snowboarding exercise in the mountainous region of Vorberg, unfortunately, after being seriously injured in the head.

  Heavy snow also caused about 1.

20,000 tourists are trapped in various resorts, including Obertauern, Austria.

Until the afternoon of the 6th local time, some tourists evacuated with the help of rescuers.

  Avalanche danger is usually divided into 5 levels.

Avalanche hazard levels in the Austrian Alps are often second only to the top.

However, some skiers often ignore the warnings of professional organizations and travel freely outside the prescribed ski runs, resulting in a tragedy of personal injury.

Original title: 2 people killed in avalanche in Austrian Alps