Life care allows you to live with longevity

Life care allows you to live with longevity

Eat healthy and longevity, drink at least 5 glasses of water a day. A total of about 2 liters of scientists at Loma Linda University found that men who drank enough water every day had a higher rate of high blood pressure than men who drank less than two glasses of water a day.54%.

  Magnesium supplementation researchers in France have used it for 18 years to confirm that people with high levels of magnesium in the blood have a 40% lower mortality rate than those with lower magnesium levels.

Magnesium can catalyze the effects of multiple vitamins. Add 250 mg of magnesium to your daily health.

  Indulgence of your chocolate desire After 15 years of research, Dutch scientists have confirmed that every day, people who can reach 4 grams can be compensated for the risk of dying, only half of the people who overcome cocoa.

This is the cocoa content of two 25-calorie chocolates, perfect for adding daily recipes.

  Replenishing a multivitamin every day Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley found that taking a multivitamin every day helps prevent genetic damage, which can lead to cancer.

So we all love silver.

  A variety of foods per meal. A recent study in Northern Ireland shows that if you replace more than 5 fruits and vegetables a day, and you take up less than 3 people per day, you have a lower risk of stroke.26%.

  Eating more bilberry, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry antioxidants has a significant effect in preventing stroke, keeping the mind clear and preventing cancer.

  Scientists who put curry powder in vegetables at Rutgers University found that the combination of curcumin (containing in curry powder) and isothiobenzoylbenzene (a mixture of broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower) helps the prostatecancer.

Researchers believe that a single curry can be added to vegetables every week to produce an anti-cancer effect.

  Qualified Coffee Brooklyn researchers have recently found that at least 4 cups of coffee a day reduces your risk of dying from cardiovascular death by 53%.

If you like Starbucks, it is best to use Italian American coffee: the equivalent of 4 cups contains only 15 calories.

  Mixing salad with oil and vinegar European scientists have shown that unheated olive oil can prevent cancer.

Taking a bit of vinegar before eating a high-carbohydrate diet (such as pasta) can delay the entry of sugar into the bloodstream, thereby preventing blood sugar and insulin from rising – they are just traces of substances stored in the body.

  Dramatic decline, inspiring emotions Relaxation Clinical University researchers announced that watching a 15-minute funny video can cause 50% of blood to flow back to the heart.

The research director said, “This can inhibit thrombosis, plasma accumulation and inflammation, and can also invigorate the spirit.”

  A study to increase outdoor training in Denmark shows that an average of 17 minutes of exercise per day can relieve your stress by 61% compared to those who are inactive.

British researchers have found that exercising outdoors can reduce stress by 71%, while indoor exercise can only ease 45%.

  Researchers at the right amount of sweets at Tufts University found that people who eat low-sugar diets have lower levels of depression and worry than those who love sugar.

Limiting sugar intake to 40% of the daily calorie intake will make people happier.

  Men with weight-bearing exercise If they complete three weight-bearing exercises every week, their heart low pressure is reduced by 8 places on average after two months.

This can reduce the stroke by 40% and the crime of 15%, and it will make your mood more comfortable.

  Life skills, let you restore your life and care for your weight joint complications, and now also show a trend of rejuvenation, it is estimated that China now has 50 million people with arthritis.

This joint problem is related to the ribs. If calcium is added, it may cause deterioration.

The best way to maintain your joints is to eat fruit with vitamin C.

The second is to take shark fish products, especially if the consequences have already occurred.

(It is no effect to eat shark’s fin because the production process destroys the effective elements.

I have to do some housework every day for half an hour, consuming 150 calories, which can reduce the risk of high blood pressure by 13%.

Although this reduction can only last for 8 hours, your blood pressure will remain at a normal low level for a long time after you get into the habit (a lot of help with housework also contributes to sex life).

  Self-floating water If you are not drinking water without a life-saving tool, the key to survival is to maintain body temperature and strength.

You can use the method learned by the US Navy pilots: face down on the surface of the water, bend up and close to the side like one (this can delay the temperature drop).

The bubble is slowly spit out, turning the head to one side only when deep inhaling.

Repeat the above actions until the rescue arrives.

  Order a jasmine scented candle or candle. Even if you ignite the candlelight one minute before going to bed, you can quickly fall asleep and reduce the turning and turning. In the morning, you will be more energetic than those who have no fragrant nights. This is the scientist of the University of Jesus of Willing.Research scale.

This is very important because lack of sleep increases the prevalence of diabetes, and restlessness may induce a stroke.

  Robert Nash, who is on the ass of the American Society of Corrective Surgeons, said that if he feels that he has lost his balance on the stairs, he should kneel down and let the stool touch the ground first.

Even if you slide down a few stairs, don’t be afraid, so you can avoid serious impact.  Dissipate the worried dark clouds. Do you often like the people in the picture, no matter how wonderful things are done, there is a cloud of worry on the head?

Scientists at Purdue University have found that continuing fears deserve your life to deteriorate for 16 years.