Some bad habits cause acne throughout the body_1

Some bad habits cause acne all over

Click to buy Everyone knows that acne is also called “acne”, saying that it is youthful, but it is the existence of everyone.

If it is adolescent acne, even if it is because of growth and development, but people who are all three, why acne continues.

Have you ever thought that your bad life inspired your acne.

  Pox-like habit 1: Washing your face excessively Although washing your face is the most direct way to keep your skin clean, if you wash it all day long, it will wash away the protective layer on the skin and even stimulate the skin to secrete more oil, which is easierBreed bacteria.

So, girls, wash your face once in the morning or evening.

  Acne’s bad habit 2: No hot but no pleasure, still comforting myself that pepper can detoxify, can it lose weight?

Before you get these results, look at the acne on your face.

Frequently eating irritating and irritating foods such as fried food and spicy food will lead to strong secretion of sebaceous glands, resulting in the inability to drain oil from the duct and accumulate in the hair follicles, making the skin acne-prone.

  Pox bad habits 3: Touch your face while thinking, touch your face while chatting, how much you hate your face!

Touching your face frequently will transfer bacteria from your hands to the bladder, increasing the risk of skin infections.

  Pox-prone bad habit 4: Carnivores have no meat on the table. Have you noticed that acne has become more frequent recently? That ‘s because meat is harder to digest than vegetables and fruits. Eating too much meat will cause the digestive system to be abnormal and lead to acne.Acne develops.

  Pox Bad Habits 5: Before drinking a lot of water, Weibo summarized the ten most disgusting sentences of women. Drink more hot water instead of top of the list. How many people are disgusted by drinking more water.

In any case, it must be said that drinking plenty of water is indeed a major key to acne removal. Dehydration of the skin will stimulate the pores to release oil, and acne is inevitable.

Therefore, the male ticket that wants you to drink more water is true love!

  Acne bad habit 6: Stay up all night and have rest time on the skin, which is the same as the concept of beauty sleep. Keeping to sleep before 11pm every day can not only ensure sufficient sleep time, but also get good skin.

This is because staying up late is easy to cause, internal secretion mutations are chaotic, excess male hormones, stimulate sebum secretion pores to infect parasites, and cause skin problems such as acne.

  Pox-like habit 7: What is the closest thing to your face when you sleep at night when the bedding is not clean?

Of course it’s a pillow!

In fact, it is basically bedding. Always keep absolute clean when touching the face. For towels, pillows, and sheets, you must wash and dry regularly. This can prevent the acne from worsening, improve the sleeping environment and sleep more peacefully.

  Acne Bad Habits 8: Eating junk food Junk food is basically the culprit of getting fat, and it is also the “best partner” for acne.

Sweets will increase blood sugar levels in the body, affect hormonal balance and lead to acne outbreaks, and some spicy food will also stimulate sebaceous glands to cause acne.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help everyone in preventing acne.