CBA added Best Sixth Man award, Beijing Derby will become blue-violet war

CBA added “Best Sixth Man” award, Beijing Derby will become blue-violet war
A series of new changes in the new season were announced in the antiques’ 2019-2020 season CBA league release.The number of league matches has increased to 12 and the team no longer requires a white jersey at home. The first “Beijing Derby” this year will be a blue and purple matchup.In the new season, the league honor system will be further enriched, and the number is expected to reach 12.For the first time, the establishment of the best sixth person, the best candidate (divided into the best internal level and the best international ranking), and the annual social welfare contribution award, etc. will further integrate with the international standard.With the continued increase in the attention of the draft, starting from 2020, the CBA draft will implement the lottery lottery rules, fully drawing on the successful experience of foreign high-level leagues.The eight teams that did not enter the playoffs in the previous season will enter the lottery area and participate in the top three picks in the draft (except the Bayi team). The team with the lowest ranking in the previous season has the highest chance of winning the top pick.Wang Dawei, CEO of the CBA League, introduced that the implementation of the lottery rules can prevent a team from deliberately “losing” for the next season’s top pick.The first Beijing Derby this season will be a “blue and purple war.”Sauna, night net Liu Chenshe starting this season, no longer requires the home team equipment must be white, only requires the uniform color of the entire team equipment, to encourage the team to display characteristics.There will be 104 regular season attempts to “home jersey home tone”.On November 20th, the first “Beijing Derby” this season, Beijing Shougang Men’s Basketball Wukesong Stadium will become the blue ocean; opponent Beikong Men’s Basketball will be renamed “Beijing Forbidden Warriors” this year, with purple as the main color.