[Ancient female contraception]_Contraception_Female_How to do_How to contracept

[Ancient female contraception]_Contraception_Female_How to do_How to contracept

In ancient times, even men loved some women.

Therefore, in the event of sexual relations, pregnancy cannot occur at all. This is not only a disgrace to the family, it may even be considered shameless because of feudal thinking.

Therefore, at that time, they were also very concerned about contraception, but some methods were not scientific, so what methods did ancient women have for contraception?

It is said that attaching a musk to a prostitute’s navel can prevent contraception. Some sisters Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede, who are regarded as the most beautiful in China, have adopted such contraceptive measures.

Of course, Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede cannot call them prostitutes, but they all share the same path.

This kind of navel stick is called “belly stick”.

Sticking it on the navel can end the conception of a woman’s belly, and she can no longer get pregnant, but this “belly paste” has been lost.

Before the emergence of modern contraceptives, there were few records in the history of contraceptive measures used by women in the past, and they were rare in the wild history. They were also underplayed in film and television dramas.

In a movie starring Gong Li, there is such a plot: before a pick-up, a prostitute drinks a soup and says that she won’t become pregnant after drinking.

There are also records in the folk. It is said that saffron is a secret contraceptive formula transmitted by the palace. If the emperor did not like a favored maid, he would let the eunuch hang it upside down and wash her lower body with saffron liquid.The semen in the palace woman was cleaned, and there were some wild history. If the emperor spoiled the concubine before, if the eunuch did not stay, the eunuch would help the woman’s massage to ensure that the emperor’s semen could not stay in the woman’s body.Confident effect.

Even now, there are no 100% effective contraceptives. Wei Xiaobao is the product of self-confidence failure.

In the past, many women in Qinglou were infertile for life after they were good, which is a kind of decoction that has long been overcome to destroy the ability to reproduce, so that they are sterilized.Musk can affect birth but is not necessarily sterilized.

The introduction of the ancient women’s self-confidence is already clear.

Self-confidence is actually to prevent the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy, but most of them have certain risks, even endangering the safety of women, and do not take into account that the final consequences are very serious. It can be said that it is women friends who are ultimately hurt.