Eat more oranges and less gallstones

Eat more oranges and less gallstones

For women, one of the unexpected benefits of eating more oranges is reducing the incidence of gallstones.

  A survey in the United States has shown that women are susceptible to gallstones because estrogen headache plasma is more concentrated in the bile, which leads to high cholesterol levels and the formation of stones.

  And oranges can play a significant role in reducing the occurrence of gallstones.

Because the vitamin C content in oranges is high, it can inhibit the conversion of cholesterol into bile acid salts in the liver, thereby reducing the concentration of bile acid salts in the bile, and at the same time, the chances of aggregation to form gallstones are correspondingly reduced.

  In addition, the pectin contained in the orange peel can also promote the passage of food through the dialysis tract, so that intravenous feces can be discharged from the body to reduce the absorption of plasma.