Jianshen Yanshou Soup

Jianshen Yanshou Soup

[Source]Folk medicinal recipe[Raw materials]Codonopsis 25 grams, Atractylodes sylvestris 10 grams, Poria cocosae 15 grams, Angelica 10 grams, Chuanxiong 6 grams, Rehmannia glutinosa 10 grams, Paeonia lactiflora 10 grams, wolfberry 20 grams, liquorice 6 grams, ginger 6Grams, 10 jujubes (decored), 1 white pigeon.

  [Methods]Wash the medicine, wrap it tightly with clean gauze, and remove the hair and internal organs of the white pigeon.

Add it to the casserole, add the right amount of water, boil it with wuhuo, and then cook with simmered fire for 2-3 hours. Remove the medicine pack and season.

Drink soup to eat pigeon meat, 1 serving daily.

  [Efficacy]kidney and spleen, nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

For all kinds of damage, often wear a strong body, prolong life and return to old age.