[Daquan bun stuffing recipes]_How to do_How to do

[Daquan bun stuffing recipes]_How to do_How to do

In the daily life, young pumpkin buns are a home-cooked food.

Note that the ingredients are made from fresh young pumpkins and flour. They are not only delicious, but also of high nutritional value. Regular eating young pumpkins can supplement the body.The required vitamins and various minerals are very good for the body, and the method is simple, you can easily make it at home, and you can also mix it with other ingredients.

How to make pumpkin buns: pork 265g, pork 220g, oil, salt, flour 280g, green onion, ginger 1, prepare and wash the raw materials, wipe the pumpkin into filaments, chives, gingerShred, put oil first to lock in moisture, then put salt.

2. The pork is processed into minced meat with a cooking machine, or chopped directly into minced meat, released and pumped, and mixed with fine salt.

3. Mix the vegetable stuffing and pork stuffing evenly.

4. Add the right amount of water to the flour and knead the baking powder to knead the dough.

5. Divide the prepared dough into small doughs, put them into buns and wrap them into buns.

6. Add the steamer and let it stand for 10 minutes, then turn on the steam, turn it on a low heat for 15 minutes, and turn off the lid after 3 minutes.

Fresh pumpkin noodles steamed bun stuffing: 500g young pumpkin, noodles, 5 shallots, red shallots, ginger powder, pepper powder, salt, cooking oil, sesame oil, dough material: 500g flour, water250ML, 5 grams of baking powder stuffing method: 1, peel and squash pumpkin or shredded, salted for 15-20 minutes, squeeze out the water and pot; noodles are soaked in warm water and cut into pots; 2, Chopped shallots and shallots, add oil to the pan and simmer, add the shallots and shallots and stir-fry to fry the scent and turn off the heat, then add ginger powder and peppercorn powder, and pour in a spoon of sesame oil and mix well;

The nutritional value of baby pumpkin buns The nutritional value of baby pumpkin buns is mainly in the baby pumpkin. If pork buns are added to the buns, the nutritional value will be more comprehensive.

Tender pumpkins are tender and juicy, with a slight sweetness. They are popular with the public and the price is higher than pumpkins.

There are 10 starches per 100 grams of pumpkin.

2 grams, 39 mg calcium, 1 iron.

1 mg, carotene 3.

2 mg, it also contains more vitamin C and glucose than ordinary pumpkins.

Its pumpkin seed oil yield is more than half, and it can be used as a high-grade edible oil for patients with hypertension, so it is still rich in protein, urease, vitamin A and so on.

Therefore, eating pumpkin has the effects of nourishing lungs and nourishing qi, diminishing inflammation and relieving pain, resolving phlegm and purging, deworming and detoxifying, reducing blood sugar and thirst, diuretic, and beauty.

Pork, as a common animal meat food on the table, has a sweet and salty taste and is a kind of warm and nourishing food meat.

Pork can provide high-quality protein and essential fatty acids for human beings. It can also provide heme and cysteine to promote iron absorption, which can improve iron deficiency anemia.

Pork buns made from pork meat are very common. This is because pork meat has a good taste and a high therapeutic value.

It can be seen that the right amount of tender pumpkin buns is simply tender enough to meet the needs of your taste buds and has great potential for health.