[Frozen dumplings are cooked in cold or hot water]_How to cook_How to cook

[Frozen dumplings are cooked in cold or hot water]_How to cook_How to cook

Dumplings are a common food in life. Many people put the remaining dumplings in the refrigerator when they are overpacked. This is often called frozen dumplings.

And when eating dumplings for the second time, you need to remove the dumplings from the refrigerator. There is a certain difference between the method of freezing dumplings and the method of ordinary dumplings. Therefore, as many people as possible do not know when to cook frozen dumplings.Boil it cold or hot.

When cooking frozen dumplings, you must thaw them to prevent raw dumplings from being cooked, which will affect your body.

The practice of freezing dumplings is actually very simple. The principles of cooking dumplings are mostly the same, mainly in some details.


After the frozen dumplings are taken out of the refrigerator with cold or hot water, they must be boiled. After entering the water, keep moving and take the colander to move, so that it does not crack and does not stick to the pan.

It ‘s so delicious.

Boiled in cold water is bad, then it will either rot or break when it is boiled. You need to boil the water and cook it with a spoon.


Can frozen dumplings be cooked in cold water? The practical reason for freezing frozen dumplings in cold water is very simple.

Frozen dumplings are placed in a pan, and the frozen dumplings are heated with cold water. When the temperature of the water rises slowly, the temperature of the dough and the meat also rises.

In this way, the temperature of the dumplings can always be consistent with the temperature of the water, and when cooked, the dumplings will have good elasticity, and the meat will be cooked and delicious.


How to cook frozen dumplings Frozen dumplings should be cooked in cold water. If you boil in hot water, the outer skin of the dumplings will be hot as soon as the pan is cooked. In addition, frozen dumplings will cook for a long time, so it is easy to see that the fillings are not cooked yet, and the dumplings outsideThe skin is already broken.

Frozen dumplings, the fire should not be too strong, otherwise the skin is not cooked.

Also add a little salt to the water so that it is not sticky.

After freezing the dumplings, use a spatula to shovel the pan once to avoid sticking it.

After the water is boiled, add the cold water 3 times repeatedly, and then add about half a bowl of cold water after the water is boiled. The most important thing is that if the dumplings are swollen, they are already cooked.

Fresh dumplings are boiled in an underwater pot. After the water is boiled, dump the dumplings. Wait for the water to boil. Add cold water and wait for the water to boil. Cook over low heat until the dumplings swell.